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Are you looking for proof of alien life? Chances are if you found your way to this site that you are indeed searching for proof of alien life.

After all, the question if humans are alone in the universe or if there really is alien life out there is one of the most frequently pondered questions of all time.

The beauty of living in the times in which we do is that so much evidence pointing to proof of alien life has been collected from over the years and from around the world. Now, thanks to the beauty of the world wide web and the internet, all of this proof of alien life from around the globe can be collected and shared globally with a few clicks.

So, no longer do we have to sit around simply wondering if there is proof of alien life out there. We can see the evidence that shows proof of alien life for ourselves and make up our own minds.

It is much better to look at the proof of alien life and make up your own mind then to simply be told what you should believe. Remember, we were once told to believe the world was flat.

Is all the material that is put forth as proof of alien life real? Without a doubt the answer is no. It is, again, up to you to decide which you believe.

Proof Of Alien Life - UFO Sightings

For many people that believe there is proof of alien life the first proof they see in their own life comes in the form of of an UFO sighting. After all, if there is proof of alien life then the aliens have to arrive on Earth somehow!

Often when people want to excuse away accounts of UFO sightings they will say that most accounts happens so long ago that they should be discredited as they wouldn't stand up to modern scrutiny.

So, we have collected a few accounts of UFO sightings that have all taken place in the past few years.

UFO Sighting: South of France - Three possible UFO videos that document a UFO sighting that took place in Southern France in the spring of 2007.

UFO Sighting: Stephenville,Texas - Witness accounts on video of the Stephenville lights UFO sighting that was seen by over 20 witnesses in the opening months of 2008.

UFO Sighting: United Kingdom 2008 - Throughout the early summer of 2008 there are have a scattering of UFO sightings being reported throughout England and Wales. It alls started with a police helicopter having a near collision with a UFO over military airspace. These are video accounts and possible real UFO videos of those sightings. Proof of alien life in Europe?

UFO Sighting: O'Hare Airport, Chicago - In November of 2006 a UFO sighting was reported at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport by twelve airport employees. United Airlines tried to cover it up but these videos are proof the employees did see something.

Proof Of Alien Life - Alien Encounter Videos

One of the best ways to try to determine for yourself if there is proof of alien life is to actually listen to the people that claim to have met aliens. These are all alien encounter videos where people that feel they have had an alien encounter or been abducted by aliens talk about their experiences.

Alien Encounter Videos: Zimbabwe, Africa - In 1994, 62 school children from Zimbabwe had an alien encounter in their school yard. Despite not being influenced by pop culture depictions of aliens each child recounts the exact same story of the alien encounter.

Alien Encounter Videos: Alien Implant Story - A man from the western United States who reports repeat alien abductions that first started in 1957 when he was a young child. He recalls the discovery of an alien implant in his leg and more in this alien encounter interview video.

Alien Encounter Videos: Australian Highway UFO Encounter - Kelly Cahill believes that during a car journey with her family in 1993 she had a UFO sighting and was then the victim of an alien abduction. In this fascinating video interview, Kelly Cahill shares her experience of the alien abduction and what has happened to her life and her body after the alien encounter.

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